The purpose of this page is to collect, survey and categorize experimental papers that contain some form of:
  • feedback
  • feedforward (e.g. adaptive measurements)
Feel free to add and edit. At the moment the list only contains the (embarrassingly) small collection of experimental papers on my (Josh) hard drive. A tick in the feedback (or feedforward) column means some form of measurement based feedback has been used. I have not been to discerning about how "quantum" the particular experiments are because these experiments are very hard and any progress is good progress!

After a chat with Mohan yesterday (16th Jan 2013) we decided on adding two columns one will be for indicating a continuous time protocol the other will indicate that more than one instance of feedback.

Non commutative
More than
2 rounds

Becerra et al.,
Advanced online publication (link nature 2013)
Experimental demonstration of a receiver beating the standard quantum limit for multiple nonorthogonal state discrimination


Iida et al.,
IEEE Trans. Autom. Contr. 57, 2045 (2012)
Experimental Demonstration of Coherent Feedback Control on Optical Field Squeezing

Gillett et al.,
PRL 104, 080503 (2010)
Experimental Feedback Control of Quantum Systems Using Weak Measurements
Uses feedback to improve the fidelity of a channel

Wittmann et al.,
PRL 101, 210501 (2008)
Demonstration of Near-Optimal Discrimination of Optical Coherent States

Higgins et al.,
Nature 450, 393 (2007)
Entanglement-free Heisenberg-limited phase estimation
Uses an adaptive measurement to estimate optical phase

PRA 78, 032323 (2008)
Coherent-feedback quantum control with a dynamic compensator
Disturbance rejection

Armen et al.,
PRL 89, 133602 (2002)
Adaptive Homodyne Measurement of Optical Phase
Uses an adaptive measurement to estimate optical phase

Optical Lattice

Morrow et al.,
PRL 88, 093003 (2002).
Feedback Control of Atomic Motion in an Optical Lattice


MOT + other

Inoue et al.,
arxiv: 1301.1016v2
Unconditional spin squeezing via measurement-based quantum feedback

Felinto et al.,
Nature Phys. 2, 844 (2006)
Conditional control of the quantum states of remote atomic memories for quantum networking

Matsukevich et al.,
PRL 97, 013601 (2006)
Deterministic Single Photons via Conditional Quantum Evolution

Chen et al.,
PRL 97, 173004 (2006)
Deterministic and Storable Single-Photon Source Based on a Quantum Memory

de Riedmatten et al.,
PRL 97 113603 (2006)
Direct Measurement of Decoherence for Entanglement between a Photon and Stored Atomic Excitation
as cited in Nature Physics 2, 844 (2006)

Julsgaard et al.,
Nature 432, 482 (2004)
Experimental demonstration of quantum memory for light
not a MOT ...

Cavity QED

Cimmarusti et al.,
arxiv: 1301.3000
Control of conditional quantum beats in cavity QED: amplitude decoherence and phase shifts

Brakhane et al.,PRL 109, 173601 (2012)
Bayesian Feedback Control of a Two-Atom Spin-State in an Atom-Cavity System

Zhou et al.,
PRL 108, 243602 (2012)
Field Locked to a Fock State by Quantum Feedback with Single Photon Corrections

Du et al.,
Front. Phys. 7(4), 435 (2012)
Experimental progress in the measurement and control of single atom trajectory

Sayrin et al.,
Nature 477, 10376 (2011)
Real-time quantum feedback prepares and stabilizes photon number states
Implements a variation on Geremia, Phys. Rev. Lett. 97, 073601 (2006)

Kubanek et al.,
Appl Phys B 102, 433 (2011)
Feedback control of a single atom in an optical cavity

Norris et al.,
J. of Phys.: Conf. Ser. 274, 012143 (2011)
Conditional control of quantum beats in a cavity QED system
Progress towards realizing NJP 12, 023002 (2011)

Koch et al.,
PRL 105, 173003 (2010)
Feedback Cooling of a Single Neutral Atom

Kubanek et al.,
Nature 462, 898 (2009)
Photon-by-photon feedback control of a single-atom trajectory
Essentially implements the cooling theory by Steck et al., PRA 74, 012322 (2006).

Lynn et al.,
J. Opt. B: Quant. Semiclass. 7, 215 (2005)
Strategies for real-time position control of a single atom in cavity QED

Reiner et al.,
PRA 70, 023819 (2004)
Quantum feedback in a weakly driven cavity QED system

Smith et al.,
PRL 89, 133601 (2002)
Capture and Release of a Conditional State of a Cavity QED System by Quantum Feedback

Pinkse et al.,
Nature 404, 365 (2000)
Trapping an atom with single photons


Circuit QED

Vijay et al.,
Nature 490, 77 (2012)
Stabilizing Rabi oscillations in a superconducting qubit using quantum feedback


Kerckhoff et al.,
PRL 109, 153602 (2012)
Superconducting Microwave Multivibrator Produced by Coherent Feedback


Kerckhoff et al.,
arxiv: 1211.1950
Controlling a mechanical oscillator with a tunable coherent feedback network



LIGO collaboration, NJP 11, 073032 (2009)
Observation of a kilogram-scale oscillator near its quantum ground state
Not nano but definitely mechanical

Teufel et al.,
Nature nanotech. 4, 820 (2009)
Nanomechanical motion measured with an imprecision below that at the standard quantum limit
feedback does not help here ... look into further

Thompson et al.,
Nature 452, 72 (2008)
Strong dispersive coupling of a high-finesse cavity to a micromechanical membrane

Goda et al.,
Nature physics 4, 472 (2008)
A quantum-enhanced prototype gravitational-wave detector

Poggio et al.,
PRL 99, 017201 (2007)
Feedback Cooling of a Cantilever’s Fundamental Mode below 5 mK

Corbitt et al.,
PRL 99, 160801 (2007).
Optical Dilution and Feedback Cooling of a Gram-Scale Oscillator to 6.9 mK

Kleckner et al.,
Nature 444, 75 (2006).
Sub-kelvin optical cooling of a micromechanical resonator

Arcizet et al.,
Nature 444, 71 (2006)
Radiation-pressure cooling and optomechanical instability of a micromirror


Solid State

LaHaye et al.,
Science 304, 74 (2004).
Approaching the Quantum Limit of a Nanomechanical Resonator
The feedback was used to bias the SET not in the Nanomechanics ...

Ion traps

Hume et al.,
PRL 99, 120502 (2007)
High-Fidelity Adaptive Qubit Detection through Repetitive Quantum Nondemolition Measurements

Bushev et al.,
PRL 96, 043003 (2006)
Feedback Cooling of a Single Trapped Ion



Riebe et al.,
Nature Physics 4, 839 (2008)
Deterministic entanglement swapping with an ion-trap quantum computer


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So far there are 40 experiments and counting.